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Modernization of heating furnace with walking hearth CVP2 – LPM Section


Technical data:

– Furnace type: heating furnace with walking hearth
– Rated temperature: 950 … 1250°C
– Maximum temperature: 1300°C
– Installed output of methane gas: 3240 Nm2/h
– inferior heating value of methane gas: 8500 Kcal/Nm3
– No. burners: 72 pcs
– Burners type: flat flame
– Temperature precision: 10°C
– Maximum temperature at the cover: 80°C
– Automatic (continuous) adjustments
– Automatic ignition and surveillance of burners
– Temperature max. Protection: 1300°C
– PC Monitoring process (furnace process, gas and energy consumption, driving of the walking hearth)
– Installation of hydraulic actuators
– Secondary air heater